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Published on http://carlsondesign.com  - November 25, 2014

Isavela Passionate About Textiles

Jaime Muriel, president of Isavela Compression Garments, is passionate about textiles! He uses a Carlson Design Plotter/Cutter to expand opportunities in the custom medical garment business. Jamie saves time by digitizing physical patterns, saves material by auto nesting, and I'm proves product quality and repeatability by computer marking and cutting.

Jaime’s manufacturing experience began with his custom jewelry manufacturing business in Mexico in the 90′s. When it sold, he entered the Mortgage industry. But, his heart wasn’t in real estate, so before long Jamie was looking for a new project to get excited about. While exploring post-surgical recovery compression garments, he decided it was a niche he could passionately sell. When the industry players – now competitors – weren’t interested in his ideas, Jaime decided to produce his own. So, in 2008, he applied his manufacturing experience in Mexico to producing a high quality garment at the best price, and Isavela Compression Garments was born. Seven years later, with headquarters in McAllen, TX and manufacturing in Reynosa, Mexico, Isavela Compression Garments have a 45,000 sq ft facility and over 100 sewing machines, all housed in a clean facility with cafeteria and air conditioning. The high quality work environment and good wages ensure Isavela can provide a world-class cut/sew operation.

Jaime met Carlson Design at IFAI 2013 in Orlando, Florida. He was looking for a pattern digitizer and automated plotting/cutting solution to address a growing demand for custom compression garments. Jaime says, “We will get 150 orders over the weekend, all custom and in low quantity. This means we have to find and pull pattern sets for each order, trace these parts on pattern paper, and then manually cut each and every one. With your system we can select the digital files we want, nest as many as needed, and click ‘go’”. Jaime estimated our Plotter/Cutter system would take as much as two to three years to pay for itself from only labor savings – mainly due to the low cost of Labor in Mexico – but, has big plans and suspects it will be much sooner “now that the plotter/cutter gives us the opportunity for expansion.”

When asked why he chose Carlson Design he said, “I think if more guys knew you guys, they’d buy your system. It just cuts! You don’t charge me for services I don’t need or make me sign contracts for software and parts.”

Getting Started...
Isavela Compression Garments has hundreds of custom patterns sets and is continually generating new ones. They are stored but not indexed. We asked one of their cutters how long it would take to cut an average pattern set — they estimated about 15 minutes. Jaime countered, “it might take them up to 15 minutes just to find the pattern they are looking for.” Here’s how the old system works…

Digitizing Patterns:

The new technique calls for digitizing, organizing, and nesting patterns. Using the Carlson Design T-Bar 2D Pattern Digitizer they can build a pattern library that allows the operator to quickly and easily retrieve and cut all of the patterns for a given job.

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